A Few Things About Jesse

Jesse was born and raised in San Bernardino County. His first job was pressure washing trucks and changing tires. Eventually he saved up enough money to start his own real estate business where he employs local residents. Jesse also bought his first home in our community and today, he is raising his family here. Jesse’s public service record began when he served a term on the Fontana School Board, where he helped introduce technology into local classrooms. He went on to serve on the Fontana City Council, where he is currently the Mayor Pro-Tem for the city. On the Council, Jesse has voted to invest in infrastructure, creating livable wage jobs and keeping the city’s streets pothole free and well maintained.

He also added and retained law enforcement officers to the city, reducing overall crime rates. He wants to bring that record to the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors. As a lifelong resident of our county Jesse has watched it grow over the years. He has also watched crime rates and homelessness increase. Since 2014 violent crime has increased 18% and homelessness shot up 23% just this year. Jesse wants to reverse these trends. That is why he is running for Supervisor, to improve the quality of life for San Bernardino County residents. He will do this by attracting livable wage jobs to our region, reducing crime and gun violence, and keeping our roads and streets pothole free and well maintained.

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Our neighbors are supporting Jesse’s run for San Bernardino County’s 5th District.

Fontana Mayor Acquanetta Warren

San Bernardino Fontana City Council Member John Roberts

Fontana City Council  Phil Cothran Jr.

San Bernardino County Planning Commissioner Michael Stoffel

Colton Joint Unified School District Board Member Israel Fuentes

Fontana Unified School District Board Member Peter Garcia

Fontana Unified School District Board Member & Police Officer Adam Perez

Fontana Parks, Community and Human Services Commissioner

SBCoSD Deputy Matt Gordon


Fontana Chamber of Commerce

Fontana Police Officers Association

Southern California Taxpayers Association

On the Issues


Reduce Crime and Gun Violence

Jesse has a record of reducing crime and gun violence while on the City Council. He did this by partnering with law enforcement and voting to add more officers to patrol our communities, helping lower crime rates and making Fontana the 25th safest city in the country. He will do the same as our Supervisor.


More Livable Wage Jobs

On the Fontana City Council Jesse helped encourage the expansion of local companies and helped attract new businesses to the city, creating livable wage jobs for our region. He will work to do the same for our county as our Supervisor.


Pothole Free and Clean Roads and Streets

On City Council Jesse voted to invest in local infrastructure, helping keep Fontana’s roads and streets well maintained. This also helped create well-paying livable wage jobs. As our Supervisor he will do the same.


Fiscal Responsibility

Fontana is one of the best fiscally managed cities in the country. Jesse helped this happen but voting for balanced budgets, without new or higher taxes, and by holding annual budget reviews to eliminate government waste fraud and abuse. He pledges to do the same as our Supervisor.



The same people who got us into the mess we are in can’t fix it. That is why Jesse is proposing new solutions to the homelessness crisis such as expanding homeless shelters and mental health services, creating safe parking lots and storage centers, deploying mental health professionals to shelters, and also cracking down on repeat drug offenders. These policies have helped reduce the homeless population in San Diego and they can work here.